A Peek Into Everyday China : Victory Into Defeat

Sep 2020 : The Victory

Two years back Xi Jinping took a virus victory lap. He handed out awards and medals to mark China’s success against the covid. Millions were tested in response to small outbreaks. Lockdowns and mass testing became China’s main weapons in the fight against the pandemic Chinese infections were well below many other countries. Xi Jinping extolled the Communist Party’s “superiority” as well as tenacious leadership as he proclaimed China’s “resounding success” in the epic struggle against Covid-19. “China is the first major economy to have recuperated from the crisis and achieved economic recovery, a testimony to its resilience and vibrancy… China has emerged stronger and its people are more confident and patriotic than ever,” said Xi, to a thunder of applause from the audience. Xi also jabbed “certain countries” for seeking to “besmirch China’s efforts and goodwill and shift the blame of their own undoing in fighting Covid.” He argued that China had been “transparent all along” in sharing pandemic information with the world, which “helped save tens of millions of lives around the world.”

That was then….till it turned into Defeat….

Please go through the headlines of all these articles which have been published by the South China Morning Post in just the past one week…in fact it appears that China under Xi Jinping is like a headless chicken in amaze…no vaccines…no medicines..scared of infections…no insurance…no clear picture of what to do next…hospital shortage….staff shortage…confusion confounded!


8 responses to “A Peek Into Everyday China : Victory Into Defeat”

  1. Surendra Barsode Avatar

    While the outbreak of Covid may be serious, let us not start predicting something dire or politically disastrous for Xi. Let’s remember our own second phase and how Modi Govt was put on the mat for about 2 weeks until Modi managed to get the mess sorted but after some serious loss of lives. China may be passing such a phase now and get over the hump soon. Chinese may be aggressive or arrogant or what ever, but this Covid backlash will not change their behaviour. Let’s not hope that Chinese economy will nosedive into recession and hence, india will rise!! An economy 5 times the size of India can take any hit for a while n get back to its normal trajectory soon. Thus, the Chinese are in soup now but that does not mean anything favorable for us Indians. Let’s keep our focus firmly on the border and infrastructure development.

  2. I am in agreement with Surendra. They may be facing Omicron kind of infections at the moment. We need to wait for another 3-4 weeks before making a comment. We must not let our guards off and speculate. Also, we must keep in mind that our size of economy is much smaller and not comparable at the moment. Even Americans don’t take them lightly anymore.

  3. These are facts nor deductions or conclusions or course of actions.,,

  4. Surendra Barsode Avatar

    General Sahab… what you have stated in your article are indeed facts but after reading it, we as normal indian readers, are more likely to conclude that China is now in deep trouble etc etc. ..So in order to stop any such speculations, it is better to warn ourselves that we should not draw hasty and favorable conclusions from these facts.

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