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I am a retired gunner. Served in the Indian Army for four decades. I retired as the Director General of Artillery, a three star rank. Currently I am a professor of practice in the Aerospace Department of IIT Madras

  • Discussion on POK on Jaipur Dialogues

    It was a fascinating discussion on POK with Mr Sanjay Dixit and Mr Tahir Gora on the issue of taking back POK. Many related topics also came into the dialogue. The discussion is based on my article @ https://gunnersshot.com/2019/09/15/a-plan-to-retake-pak-occupied-kashmir-gilgit-and-baltistan-by-lt-gen-p-r-shankar-retired/

  • Inheritance of The New Pakistani COAS : A Discussion With Mr Sree Iyer

    Mr Sree Iyer and I discussed where Pakistan is heading as the new COAS takes over amidst a fractious political climate and a weak economy. It was an interesting and free flowing talk.

  • Pakistan: All Out For No Loss

    This is world cup time and football is the flavor of the season. Not in Pakistan where there is a Naya Chief. He has not yet spoken and everyone feels that he will quit politics! Aaah! He can not be a Pakistani Army General! Something funny is happening in Pakistan? Call it different? Understatement. However, being […]

  • A Discussion On Protests and Beyond in China with Aadi

    The protests in China are widening. However one has to see issues beyond the protests since they seem to be a harbinger of things to come. Aadi and I discussed this at length. Some relevant and interesting questions came up.

  • A Peek Into Everyday China : Beyond The Protests

    At the 20th Party Congress, Xi the Jinping gave us a vision of a superpower rising to conquer the world. What is the reality? Remember the times when Xi the Jinping shouted from the rooftops that the Chinese system is better than all the other systems? He mocked at democracies like India and USA which […]

  • Welcome to Gunners Shot

    A new Gunners Shot website has been created. This website contains all articles categorised under 12 categories. You can search all the articles easily and navigate through them as per your requirement. The categories are at the bottom of the page. All articles are also archived month wise since 2019. The latest five articles are […]