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Lieutenant General P R Shankar, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC is a retired Gunner officer . He served in the Indian Army for four decades. He retired as the Director General of Artillery. Currently he is a Professor of Practice in the Aerospace Department of IIT Madras

  • Indian Response to Chinese Nuclear Weapon Expansion

    The Chinese are also investing heavily in space, cyber systems, communication networks, a nuclear recce surveillance system and a targeting philosophy as part of their system based warfare. Published in The Financial Express @ https://www.financialexpress.com/business/defence-indian-response-to-chinese-nuclear-weapon-expansion-3114025/ It is estimated that China has 410 nuclear warheads at present. As per international assessment this figure is likely to…


  • An Update and Open House

    The update consisted of certain factors of Ukraine, the ongoing Shangri La dialogue with reference to China and internal events in India. The Open house was very interesting and many interesting questions came up for discussion.

  • Understanding Our Northeast

    Lt Gen K J Singh (R) and I discussed the characteristics of Northeast India in broad outlines and then zoomed into Manipur to discuss the ongoing events there. It was an interesting discussion which was away from the normal. It evoked tremendous response from the audience.

  • Gray Rhino and Black Swan Season In China

    China is facing multiple gray rhino and black swan events as per the view of many Chinese. The economic indicators seeping out of China portend these gray rhino events. If that be so can a black swan be far away? Climate Change is hitting China hard and Is going to upend it in a big…

  • Eight Fronts Confronting China

    China faces eight fronts now. Four are non military fronts and four are military fronts. These are fronts created by itself and being discussed in Chinese media. Lt Gen Moorthy (R) and I had a detailed discussion on these fronts. Lot of questions were posed to us during the QnA session.

  • All About the Chinese Marathon, Grey Rhinos and the Heist by Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)

    As per Zhou Xin’s opinion in SCMP,  three Grey Rhinos–demographic crisis, debt and decoupling are growing steadily and threatening economic growth in China. By Lt Gen P R Shankar (R) Published in The Financial Express @ https://www.financialexpress.com/business/defence-all-about-the-chinese-marathon-grey-rhinos-and-the-heist-3110186/ China is running the “Hundred Year Marathon” with a  “Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower”. That’s what Michael Pillsbury tells us…