A Peek Into Everyday China : The Crowded Indo Pacific

The bristling message which Xi Jinping gave out to the international community during the 20th Party Congress was that Security will be the main focus in China. Rejuvenation of the China nation and dream, by annexing Taiwan was of highest priority . However winning local and regional wars was equally important. He mentioned that China “stands tall and firm in the East”. He also stated that “China’s international influence, appeal, and power to shape have risen markedly.” He anticipated that “external attempts to suppress and contain China may escalate at any time.” Therefore China “will become more adept at deploying our military forces on a regular basis and in diversified ways.” He also wanted PLA to enhance readiness and gain experience conducting operations. Overall his tone and tenor was quite threatening to all those who have security issues with China. In would not be out of place to state that many nations have felt that the threat levels from China to their own security has increased. They have reacted as per their interests.

In this context it is interesting to see what the reactions have been from other nations from a Chinese perspective. I have compiled some headlines from the SCMP which gives a clear picture of how different countries have been reacting. At the end one can conclude that the Indo Pacific and in specific the South China Sea is getting crowded. Most of China’s neighbours are increasing their own security apparatus and linkages with other nations in the region. China’s front door is getting crowded with a network of alliances to hem it in. By picking up a fracas with India, China’s rear door is also in trouble. China is getting contained in a self created pincer. All this might not have been possible if China did not use the words Security, Strategy, Military, Struggle and Risks as often as Xi Jinping did in the 20th Party Congress.


India finds a large mention in SCMP these days. Apart from the Tawang incident which has been covered there is also a realisation that India is becoming more competitive to China. The head lines indicate so very clearly.


Japan is upping the ante and the Chinese are getting worried. Their cooperation with Philippines and Taiwan is making China uneasy.


This is an interesting development. Vietnam developing its own artificial island in South China Sea. That is going to cramp China quite a bit.

South Korea

Now there is cooperation between South Korea and Vietnam!


Australia and USA are staying the course to counter China.

UK & Canada

UK is evolving a China policy to face the Systemic Challenge.

Immediately after the G20 meet and the much publicised talk between Trudeau and Xi, the Canadians came out with their view that China is a disruptive power.


The US return to Subic Bay is real bad news for China.


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