A Peek Into Everyday China : Faltering Geoeconomics

The last two Peeks into China gave us a view as to what was happening on the Covid front and its geopolitical situation where China is getting hemmed in. Todays peeks gives an insight into Chinas geoeconomics. The unfolding geoeconomic scenario is full of contradictions. While some reports talk of rapid recovery , others talk of risk and challenges. While Xi Jinping spoke of state control of economy in the 20th Party Congress, there is talk of turning back to privatisation in the face of global headwinds. Also, there is news of big investors quitting and China losing overseas deals. Rough geoeconomics are very clearly evident. We need to see where it goes.

The Japan Center for Economic Research has recently come out with a report which explains that China will struggle in the days ahead. It just confirms what I have been talking of in the past two years….China’s economy is going to stagnate if not decline….

The JCER study has also come with data which co-relates what Deutsche Bank has forecast about the Indian economy…interesting times ahead…..


One response to “A Peek Into Everyday China : Faltering Geoeconomics”

  1. There are two ways of evaluating GDP
    GDP in real terms
    GDP in terms of PPP
    China’s GDP in real terms (ie in terms of US dollars is
    about 20% less than that of US .
    However Chinese GDP in terms of PPP is 25% more
    than that of US and approx 19% of world economy

    Underestimating an enemy capabilities is as dangerous
    if not more dangerous than overestimating.
    Some of articles in the recent past are about China’s economic problems. Some of these problems may be real but Chinese economy is already fairly advanced and it should not be under estimated. US will require a powerful
    coilation of no of advanced nation to be able to deter
    India will have to be realistic about assessing China’s economic and military capabilities rather than resorting
    to jingoism.
    Chinese economy may have some setbacks in short term
    but such a large economy can not collapse.
    Economic cycles are a continuous phenomenon of peaks
    and troughs .Every economy. goes through it.
    This aspect needs a better analysis by an expert in
    the strategic affairs

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