A Peek Into Everyday China : Living With The Virus, Abandoned By The Government

This cartoon from SCMP says it all….However, The headlines and pictures from the past one week say more…

The joke in Chinese media is :-

Three men who don’t know one another sit in a prison cell. Each explains why he was arrested:
“I opposed Covid testing.”
“I supported Covid testing.”
“I conducted Covid testing.”

Says a lot does it not?

The corona virus story of China is a story of lies. It is story of a government and a system which micromanaged everything till it suited them and has macro neglected its people when the time came. It is story of a man who wants to be known as the greatest in Chinese history and his cronies who run the PRC government, abandoning 1.4 billion Chinese to their fates.

It is also the story of a system which wants to be a superpower when it can not protect its own people with decent vaccines. It is the story of communists who have made a pact with the people to secure them with everything but have not been able to even give them even ibuprofen and other fever-reducing medication.

This is also the story of a country which has not put together a health system despite having had three years to prepare for it. However it has had all the time to build the greatest military in the world and undertake military missions across the LAC and the Taiwan Straits.

This is the story of a country which can not help itself. How can it help the world?

This is also a story where the worst is yet to come. When the virus catches fire in the rural areas, the real picture will emerge…as the SCMP says “Health systems outside major centres face ‘extraordinarily severe’ situation”

This is the story of a news leak that 37 million people were newly infected with Covid-19 across China. That stood in dramatic contrast to the official number of 3,049 new infections reported on that day.

This is the story of a system which does not have enough hospitals, medicines, ICUs or crematoriums but has been on a mission to upgrade its nuclear arsenal and increase its numbers.

All I can say is that is that the man with the mandate from heaven who is ruling China has created hell on earth!

lies, lies and more lies…

The rest I leave it to your imagination….


6 responses to “A Peek Into Everyday China : Living With The Virus, Abandoned By The Government”

  1. Nice compilation and writeup

  2. All the pics speak about the sordid state of affairs…It’s appalling to say the least

  3. The compilation is a true depiction of the current state in China

  4. Navneet Bhatnagar Avatar
    Navneet Bhatnagar

    Sarcastic, yet how very true !!!

  5. Maj Gen Shammi Raj AVSM SM (R) Avatar
    Maj Gen Shammi Raj AVSM SM (R)

    Very precise assessment by Gen PR Shankar, aptly highlighting the pitfalls of Chinese zero Covid policy and evading of onerous responsibility towards the populace by the present dispensation.
    Without any second thoughts, India must capitalise on the window of opportunity, while situation in China will only further deteriorate. We have opportunities available in both economic and military domain at tactical level, pressuring China for disengagement in Depsang and Demchok areas. Additionally, sea front too ought to be exploited.
    Economically, we must decouple further with China, cementing our trade relations with other nations, thereby isolating China.
    This is the most opportune time for India to have foresight and strategic culture.

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