Pakistans Slippery Future

This was the eighth in the series of a 360 degree examination of the Future of Pakistan. In this video, we discussed each facet of Pakistan based on previous discussions. It was deep discussion and threw up very interesting issues. It told us as how to deal with the country. This video ia a must watch for anyone interested in Pakistan and its future.

Other Videos in the Series are


2 responses to “Pakistans Slippery Future”

  1. Sir, nukes are usually a card to play against external entities desiring the disintegration of a nation. The lack of this was the reason the West went hammer and tongs on Iraq & Libya with complete impunity. The case is the reverse with Pakistan and I am not sure why the West would pay hafta for Pakistans stability. Also, there’s a growing undercurrent of tiredness with its “imperial” burden in the US. If the global economy moves even modestly away from the dollar, this will accelerate and the US is likely to disengage from any active involvement with the rest of the world, which most of the US population isn’t much interested in, in the first place. So, will it just be China propping up Pakistan ? Is there an eventual possibility of a East India Company model with “chinese characteristics” being applied by China to Pakistan, exploiting the ever growing populace for indentured labour and global cannon fodder, controlled via a narrow elite of mullahs & warlords (rajahs). This will be very useful to collect on the debts worldwide that are owed to China by all the chotta-motta nations and police any resultant immovable assets. This could also, to an extent, address China’s financial and demographic issues.

    1. you give very considered comments. Thought provoking. Thanks.

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