Outsourcing War

The discussion on outsourcing war with Lt Gen Dushyant Singh (R) was enlightening. It was based on solid facts which are very little known to the public. The issue which emerged was that the sum total of mercenaries/private military contractors/non state actors in the Russia-Ukraine war is around 35-40000 personnel. Many of these ‘Dogs of War’ are poorly trained and in most cases have no combat experience. They are from multiple nationalities, religions and ethnicities with all kinds of motivation. In this context it is very interesting that India is going be producing that many potential candidates for private military contractors with the very first batch of Agniveers. Going ahead, India will be mass producing the feed system for private military contractors world wide. Imagine 50000 -100000 fully trained soldiers (Agniveers) with 5 years of combat experience in all trades being available for the Private Military Contract System annually. This is a business which is legalised in the UN Charter. I would suggest that those interested and those who manage India’s Security, to have a look at this video. We have some serious thinking to do on Agniveers. Spend some time on it. It will be worth your while.

3 responses to “Outsourcing War”

  1. Has the issue been highlighted to concerned in Indian government. What is governments reaction .

  2. Very true!
    1. The positive part is that those Agniveers who do not find a place for getting absorbed would look for venues such as the Ukraine War today and some other war between some other countries in the future.
    2. The negative part is that a few of them could be poached/ lured by countries that are against us.
    3. If we need these able bodies in future in case of conflicts with our neighbour’s, then we need to give them refresher training/ courses regularly and to keep them fighting fit.

  3. […] video is a sequel to the video on Outsourcing War @ In this video, I have highlighted the increasing demand in the private military sector and the […]

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