CASA Dialogues : The Increasing Nuclear Overhang

Had a terrific discussion on the increasing global nuclear overhang with Lt Gen P R Kumar (R). It was a new topic and opened new thinking. The QnA was very good. What came out was India needs new thinking on nuclear issues.

An interesting aspect of this presentation was that an ex DGMO was propounding his views while his ADGMO was in the audience and putting forth searching questions.


One response to “CASA Dialogues : The Increasing Nuclear Overhang”

  1. Arun P Bhatnagar Avatar
    Arun P Bhatnagar

    Although a nuclear war is now being touted as a possibility, it is quite unlikely! The war in Ukraine has also been used to expose the diminishing utility of many, recently accepted as highly effective, conventional weapon systems. New pointers as how future, non nuclear, wars will be fought have been made obvious! The need for modernisation, readjustments and synergizing civil-military combined war coordination, has been universalised!

    Add to this the sad precedent that visibly stronger powers can attack neighbours with impunity! UNSC in it’s present form has made the UN as helpless as the ‘League of Nations’ in this regard!

    The world is now primed for a new arms race and many desirable and some undesirable alliances and hopefully, a better balance of power!

    “Cui bono” is now the question! The big three and the next few that have nukes will have to spend a packet on upgrades, while almost all all others will be forced to raise their defence budgets considerably!

    Arms manufacturers and suppliers will become richer and the poor among the others will become poorer! India must shed it’s absolute neutrality and form strong alliances and become an arms supplier to pay for its own upgradation!

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