Discussion on Firepower with Aadi

Aadi and I had a very interesting discussion on firepower with a lot of questions thrown in. Good session.

2 responses to “Discussion on Firepower with Aadi”

  1. An engrossing discussion as has become the norm on DefTalk with Aadi & Gen Shankar.
    The Russian ploy of re-org their Divs & Bdes into Bn Tac Gps has been proved to be a failure in Ukraine. In Donbas the militias filled the gross def of Inf in the BTGs. They started the campaign in Feb 2022 with about 170-180 BTGs. Should we tweak our own plans for Bde Sized battle groups?
    About the Ukrainians using arty at max ranges- the flat open trn devoid of folds, valleys etc makes for very few suitable gun posns. Guns specially towed ones need to cater for avoiding CB fire which in most cases would be coming in within a few minutes of TOT. The Ukrainians thought that the supply of guns & ammo from the west would be inexhaustible and were reckless in using arty at max ranges accepting increased wear & tear till almost 33% of their arty went off road/ were destroyed. The US had to post haste set up repair facilities in Poland. The rogue msl that killed two in Poland has imposed caution on these plans. Russia is also hitting rail shipments of warlike stores entering Ukraine from neighbouring countries.

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