Is The Coup Real : A Discussion with Aadi Achint


5 responses to “Is The Coup Real : A Discussion with Aadi Achint”

  1. Sir, it feels like the ongoing covid lockdown drama in China may also be a ploy to bottle dissent from boiling over onto the streets.

  2. I suppose we will know after the October plenary, if the covid lockdowns get lifted abruptly.

  3. Sir, let me play the devil's advocate and ask you this question.Background to my question: Quoting Sun Tsu “Appear weak when you are strong” esp. when you are about to strike…Sir – what are the chances that China will strike in the next few days (and the strike could possibly be Taiwan – yes, I know your views on why it will be so difficult for them. Alternatively it could be us)? If you were to put a % on the chances, what would you say and why?If you were Xi and were fully in control (and you know that it is all downhill from here – so this is the point where you/your Nation is at its (currently) strongest), what would you do?

  4. Wouldn't that be a sign of weakness to do this so close to the October plenary ? Not saying it won't happen but, just that it would probably indicate weakness instead of strength.

  5. At this point it is conjunctures and speculation. Need to wait and watch ,what they want us to know. Diplomats of all nations located in China should be able to give some inputs.

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