Decoupling From China : A Live Discussion

Aadi and I had a live discussion on the factors which are driving the decoupling of China from global supply chains. It was followed by some good questions. 
Ms Tara Kartha came up on the show and really motivated us with her comment. Thank you madam. 



6 responses to “Decoupling From China : A Live Discussion”

  1. Fully agree with Gen PRS that decoupling from China will come only incrementally over a decade or so. Very wise observation- let’s not aim to replace China as the world’s factory. We must be guided solely by our self interest. Yesterday on a TV show I was hearing Gadkari talking of India taking to recycling in a big way- worn out tires from all over the world; rubber being reused to surface our roads. Steel wires from used tires used to precast sections of elevated roads and metro rails. Innovation holds the key- not blind aping what worked for China.

  2. Chinese products are still junk, but cheap junk. However, price will almost always win in such a price sensitive society as ours. But, how long China will be able to have the price advantage and sustain its dumping strategies to eliminate competition is to be seen. I suspect not beyond this decade.

  3. Sir, industrialization inevitably brings along environmental issues. However, it would seem, without large scale industrialization it won't be possible for us to become atmanirbhar enough to meet all the needs and demands of our huge populace. How do we thread this needle ?

  4. If Chinese products are junk yet managed to capture 99% of the Indian market, then Indian made products are lower than junk. A lot lower. I think the Indian products are rightfully compared to feces based on your nomenclature.

  5. You steadfastly refuse to understand these programs and articles are not about an India vs China comparison. Please do so and stop bringing up these strawman arguments of how much worse we are than China when that is not the topic under discussion. Surely there are many 50center blogs and sites preening about how much better they are than the rest of the world where you can better spend your time at.

  6. 11 jinping got no balls .. capture 99% of the indian market.. which 99% ?? you suffer from verbal diarrhoea … be gone chinese monkey — grass mud horse 🙂

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