Discussion on PGurus on India's Stand on Ukraine

This was a live show in which Mr Sree Iyer and I were to discuss the takeaways for India from the ongoing Ukrainian conflict. I had already spoken about it in two earlier videos with Aadi Achint and Brig Chatterjee. Resultantly in this live session I changed track and dwelt on the Indian response and international stand taken at the UN and explained the intricacies of issues involved. Turned out to be an interesting along with an some interetsing Q&A session. The  audience was largely international indians who tend to toe the US line.   



2 responses to “Discussion on PGurus on India's Stand on Ukraine”

  1. Sir, India & China historically haven't clashed because of Tibet having served as an insurmountable buffer zone. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the long game towards restoring Tibet back to that neutral state.

  2. Sir, your discussion with Mr Shri Iyer was very informative.I have two questions please.* Ukraine claims that it brought down Russian planes. If this is accurate what should India do to prepare for protecting its MIG and Sukhoi planes during a combat?* Turkey has s400 and is now partnering with Pak for Fifth gen aircrafts. I think that it could have intentionally or not given the details of the s400 system to Pak and eventually China. What do we do in this scenario?Thanks

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