Most of  the cartoons are by Pakistanis. Hence there is fundamental truth in what I have written. 
Take any set of keywords and google them. You will get to a Pakistani or an International source to confirm the authenticity of what I have written here. However for most Pakistani watchers this must be old news and quite boring. 
It is my sincere request that this article be sent through any of your friends and contacts to one of the three idiots I have described. I do not know how to send it to these characters.    


Pakistan’s  NSA,  Human Rights Minister, and Foreign Minister gave a press brief on atrocities of Indian Forces in Kashmir very recently. They alleged acts of genocide, mass graves, torture cells, use of chemical weapons, rape et alTheir depiction of Indian Armed Forces made the Nazi concentration camps, Soviet Gulags, Chinese Re-education Centers and Guantanamo Bay sound like holiday resorts! If Indian Armed Forces did what these ‘Three Idiots’ have claimed, they would probably been simply justified just on one score – the forced exodus which drove 300000 Kashmiri Pandits out of their homeland through threat of rape, robbery, and death at gunpoint almost overnight. It was a communal frenzy by hooligans instigated by Pakistan. The rest of the violence, killings and destruction of life and property by Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir and beyond need not be counted. In the past three decades, the Indian response has been not only to tolerate all these massive Human Right abuses against its people by terrorists, but its forces carried out ‘Sadbhavana’ and reached out to the people of Kashmir – who are their own. This is even though scores of young people have had to lay down their lives in protecting the people of Kashmir from the scourge emanating beyond the LOC. Take any indicator/parameter of economic, social, and human development in Kashmir. It is well above the national average. It is well above all the provinces in Pakistan.  Kashmiris live a far better life than most Pakistanis except of course the Deep State. 

The Three Idiots who gave the press brief have implanted Pakistan’s own psyche, history and practice on to India. They have tried to pathetically divert international attention away from the Pakistani role in Afghanistan. Everyone knows of its duplicity in running with the Taliban hare and hunting with the US hound. I first heard about this characteristic at the turn of this century when I was still a Colonel. Nothing has changed since then!  However, most Pakistanis and specifically their Prime Minister, see their actions in humanitarian terms of freeing Afghans from the shackles of slavery! In fact, many may have celebrated that they have contributed to world peace. Pakistanis might even be expecting to be awarded the Nobel Prize for peace and progress by putting Taliban in power in Afghanistan. Their ambition is as unrealistic as the nation. 



The corner piece of citation for the Nobel Prize will be Pakistan’s contribution to the heady transformation of the Ministry of Women into the Ministry of Vice in Afghanistan.  Of course, where did their ‘Students’ get their enlightenment to equate their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters with Vice? In all those temples of learning set up by that farsighted visionary called Zia Ul Haq who dictated Pakistan in his spare time and hung an elected prime minister for entertainment while eating peanuts from USA. The legacy and status of women in Pakistan as per one lady is  ‘in all societies, there are people who are born into the prism of unbelonging. And to continue to survive, they have to pay a humanity tax to those who managed to escape such birth. The humanity tax is not a monetary payment…For my humanity tax, every few months I have to convince fellow country (usually) men, that I do not deserve to be raped….I have performed my humanity tax for the following people: complete stranger on the street, complete stranger on the internet, family member in my drawing-room, male colleague at my workplace, a professor addressing a classroom, a friend making a crass joke, a religious cleric addressing thousands of people’. This ‘unmanly’ sentiment is just the tip of the iceberg of milk and kindness which flows in Pakistani ‘manly’ attitudes towards women. This ‘manly’ feeling is derived from their glorious history. Who was that whisky sodden general who scripted the history while entertaining the world with the gore of Rape and Murder of Bengalis? The befuddled dictator and his cohorts lost half the country in the process. The heat and passion in Pakistani libido often make them forget that their ‘best Army which has never won a war’ was caught en-masse with pants down in the act and kicked on its naked butt  from one end of the subcontinent to the other. These Three Idiots, also forget that Indian Armed forces had the opportunity to exterminate 93000 of their uniformed brethren by handing them over to Bangladeshis, who would have taught them the meaning of mass graves. However, India gave these 93000 POWs such excellent hospitality that even now one reads stories of how well they were treated when in captivity. These stories are from across the border by honorable men of a distant past who were sold down the line by their intellectual generals. Today’s Pakistanis know no such honor. The only honor that modern Pakistanis know is to export donkey and brides to China. Sad indeed. 



The stories of  genocide, extermination, killing and missing persons must actually be sought by their journalists in Baloch and Pashtun areas. We do not hear those stories in detail since ‘Being a journalist in Pakistan is a dangerous proposition. A noose is put around your neck when you begin and it is tightened gradually as journalists you know are ‘disappeared’ or harassed or murdered outright’. No journalist will live or has lived to tell any story of missing persons in Pakistan.  He will join one of the lists in Pakistan which are attached to applications and petitions of relatives of those missing or murdered souls. The problem is so acute that even the BBC – which I consider as the unofficial mouth piece of Pakistan – stirred its  conscience to run a  story on missing people in Baluchistan. However people are people, they ‘sit in’ to protest against enforced disappearances of their near and dear ones. The result, these people also join the enforced disappearance list sooner than later.  That actually explains the fact that under Taliban Khan’s government the numbers of enforced abduction by the security forces have increased. This is not my imagination but was ‘Dawn’ed on me. I have not seen an equivalent story in India for all the 65 years I have lived but have heard it many times from across the Indus. I suppose India is a soft weak state as against the hard and strong state of Pakistan which applies vanishing salve to people at the hint of trouble.    



The Three Idiots seemed to have forgotten that for days on end the Taliban Khan and his government remained mum in the face of pitched battles across Pakistan between activists of the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan and their local police. The funny thing is that the Pakistani Army and the Deep State feigned ignorance of the whole affair. They were busy running their business empire. The feckless state of Pakistan,  ‘seemed to have disappeared as the followers of a radical cleric (of TLP) blocked highways and train tracks connecting the country’s main cities. Violent mobs held sway in many parts of the country. Most disturbing are the videos circulating on social media of some security personnel approvingly responding to the crowd…’. This is the state which has demanded a Noble Prize for Taliban Khan for his contribution to international peace. I have felt that should he be given the Nobel Prize, his stick orderlies who will accompany him to the podium to receive the Prize will be Azhar Masood and Hafiz Sayeed in front followed by all the Haqqani clan in bridesmaid role. Anyway, let us see how much peace this manly person can bring to Pakistan since the Taliban flag is flying from Lal Masjid once again. Oh by the way,  those doyens of Pakistan society – Azhar Masood and Hafiz Sayeed have not faded into the sunset. Last heard was that Hafiz Sayeed continues to lead prayers in important Mosques on all important religious festivals.   


 I could go on and on. However the Three Idiots and all their country people need to ask a few questions of themselves.   


What do you call a nation which has the great River Indus running through it but is hurtling into absolute water scarcity?  What do you call a nation which used to export food grains but will starve hereafter if it does not import wheat? What do you call a nation that constantly sells itself to the highest bidder since birth?  What do you call a nation which carries around a begging bowl constantly? What do you call a nation which harbors terrorists routinely? What do you call a nation which refuses to see millions of fellow Muslims being incarcerated in its neighboring Xinjiang but wants to bring salvation to Muslims who enjoy fruits of democracy in India?  What do you call a nation that keeps its nuclear weapons hidden in a rectal tube much like international currency smugglers? What do you call a nation which blackmails the world to recognize the Taliban Government or face consequences of terror? What do you call a nation which lies through its teeth? What do you call a nation which runs away from reality as fast as its legs can carry? What do you call a nation which negotiates with a gun to its head? What do you call a nation which is called ‘Hybrid’ by its own people? You can call it what you want. I call it Pakistan – the land of the pure inhabited by the impure.  



  1. Simply witty and brilliant !!!

  2. People of Pakistan are addicted to Pornography.That's why they run from reality. It provides a nice escape from Reality.

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