Discussion on Chinese Offensive Designs

Last year around this time, everyone in India was wondering if the Chinese would recommence their offensives this summer. The summer has come and gone. There has been no indication of any Chinese offensive intent. However, with the news filtering  out that the Chinese have changed their Commander of WTC for the fourth time and that they are carrying out a large number of exercises, there is speculation in the air. The question is that whether the Chinese will take advantage of the situation in Afghanistan to once again attempt an incursion along the LAC to settle issues in their favour. In this context Aadi and I had a great discussion to examine whether China will undertake an offensive in the midst of the evolving situation in Afghanistan.  The complexities  involved are huge and the risks of success and failure are equally great. The question is will China take the risk to do so ?    



One response to “Discussion on Chinese Offensive Designs”

  1. A good analysis.Thank you.2023-2024 is a good time to destabilise India. By then international memory on Covid would have receded.Political game in Gilgit Pakistan is needed.

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