At the outset I must confess that I have used the old dictum that a picture conveys a thousand words. 
Hence there is not much reading to do. 
Happy theaterisation!
Having had the privilege and the good fortune of  serving along almost of our borders including most parts of the LAC, some parts of the LOC and significant parts of our International Borders, I have been thinking as to how will theatres and joint commands shape up in future. I have conceptualized them in these maps. I have left a lot unsaid. In my opinion the fact that India needs to have a single theatre facing China and Pakistan each is no brainer. Also, a single theatre to handle the IOR is pretty much obvious. The debatable point is that will it need a fourth Theatre? In my opinion it needs a Reserve Theatre which will anchor the other Theatres. In effect it will be India’s strategic reserve. Anyone who understands warfare will also understand that Reserves indicate the true play and stamina of any nation’s Armed Forces. It induces great flexibility and gives a great window of opportunity to apply the best principles of the Air Force, which might otherwise be lost in the din of jointness. I am not giving great details or logic as to what the constituents of the theatres will be. However it is also obvious the new theatres will be rearrangement of existing Commands. Whether additional Theatre HQs are needed or not is a matter of evolution. Let us be open about it. If necessary, we should have them as additionalities.  
The logic of what I have outlined stems from some of my previous articles whose links are given below
A major part of our theaterisation will revolve around how we handle our Land Borders in the Himalayas. After all, the bulk of our borders are in the Himalayas where balanced all rounded growth must be the way forward. The growth will be mental and physical. Terrain dictates that focus must be on Infantry, Artillery and Air Force in these areas.  Their growth and synergy between them will dictate jointness and an all arms approach. This must be the order of the day. Today for many reasons this trio is out of balance. There is great animosity between the Army and the Air Force and the Army leadership is too Infantry heavy with Artillery having been marginalized.  We are in for great debates and an era of  change.

 Welcome to the future. 
Views are  solicited. 
To borrow from an old ad, I consider dissent as the voice of progress



  1. Sir, do we really need to have a separate Logistics & Maint command under the reserve theatre? Isn't logistics integral part of the fighting fmns?

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