Pakistan’s Last Bastion : Army or Imran Khan?

Lt Gen Satish Dua (R) and i discussed whether the last bastion of Pakistan was the Army or Imran Khan as each claim to be. While each claim to its saviour, our discussion informs us that they will help keeping Pakistan in a consolidated form. However, they will not be able to save Pakistan from its eventual fate. Very tough questions were posed to us during the session.

One response to “Pakistan’s Last Bastion : Army or Imran Khan?”

  1. If one word is out of place the comment gets automatically pulled by YT.

    Now I usually check in a separate browser and reword if the comment does not take. This one showed up when I checked. I can see the comment whereas in reality, no one else can. So there is an extra level of YT filtering going on here which defeats my usual check.

    Here is the comment I left on YT.

    7:11 Since you highlighted it I looked it up. The title is ‘Noblesse oblige’ by F.S. Aijazuddin dated May 18 2023. I did this because I was surprised at what this man said. He’s a historian. Has no experience in military affairs and is mentioning an external concern.

    I do not recall anyone qualified from Pakistan ever expressing concern about the safety of Pak nukes. The Americans & Chinese sure. Not Pakistan or even India for that matter. He is just fear-mongering with this hook.

    The earlier articles you mentioned I did enjoy the quotes. Painted a nice outline.

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