Nuclear Dynamics of a Collapsing Pakistan

As Pakistan keeps descending into a state of eternal chaos, its nuclear assets become more of an international risk by the day. Lt Gen P R Kumar (R) and I evaluated the non conventional threats of the Pakistani nuclear assets along with their existing safeguards and vulnerabilities. We also discussed short and long term methods of marginalising the risks of Pakistani nuclear assets from being misused by radical and jihadist elements.

4 responses to “Nuclear Dynamics of a Collapsing Pakistan”

  1. Brilliantly analysed

  2. Sir, the pak nuclear program was developed under at least the benign neglect of the US, if not active covert support. Perhaps the strong pak lobby in the US state department and other organizations find it convenient to use the excuse of the nukes to justify the US’ light response to all the Pakistani perfidy and shenanigans. I think there is a distinct probability of some of these nukes having found their way recently to Ukraine in a deal mid-wifed by the US neocons. This would also explain the Russians continuing to humor the pakistanis, despite their supply of ammo to Ukraine, in order to keep tabs on the situation.

  3. Great conversation. Very well analysed.

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