China Looming Large in the Neighbourhood

This was the ninth episode of the China Challenge series. In this episode, Maj Gen G Murali (R) explains about China’s large foot print in our neighbourhood. His explanation of Chinese expansionism is intellectual in nature and provides a different approach to the normal thinking. It provides an insight into Chinese behaviour and compulsions. Strategic corruption practised by the Chinese is a phenomenon which we have to increasingly deal with in days to come.

4 responses to “China Looming Large in the Neighbourhood”

  1. Sir, considering the traditional Chinese imperial western borders were marked by the Great Wall, what changed that has caused them to stretch so far to the inhospitable regions of Tibet and Xinjiang ? Is it just a case of the mechanization of the industrial revolution making an inherent desire to expansionism feasible or, exploding demographics -till the Deng Xiaoping era- resulting in requiring an expanded lebensraum to keep a restive populace occupied and united or, preempting future threats to their sovereignty or, all of these/something else ? With shrinking demographics is this expansionism sustainable or will they overreach?

    1. what made them expand was a combination of Maos brand of communist expansionism and traditional Chinese hegemonist attitudes. let us see what happens next. You ask good questions. why don’t you come during live broad casts on Gunners Shot on Youtube and ask these questions?

      1. Thank you, Sir. Constraints of timezone and work hours limit my ability to attend the live sessions.
        Wish the CCP would see the pragmatic wisdom of the two tigers staying on the -respective- sides of the mountain (Tibet) instead of competing for the top 🙂

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