China’s Influence Operations

The sixth episode of the China Challenge series with Mr N C Bipindra was revealing. The extent of influence operations being carried out by China is astonishing to say the least. The examples quoted in this dialogue are actually chilling. Influence operations are not a faraway phenomenon but are at your doorstep and in many cases already in your mind. This episode is a must see for every right thinking Indian. After that it is the duty of everyone to contribute to the nation by discrediting Chinese influence operations to the extent possible.

2 responses to “China’s Influence Operations”

  1. Another wonderful episode. Bipindra’s quiet, subdued eloquence took the cake. You , too, steered the discussion very well. Again congratulations!

  2. Wonderful -and worrisome- presentation.

    Perhaps taking the following measures will help to some extent:

    1. Implement a stricter “Foreign Agent” declaration requirement on media/NGOs. They should be required to display this prominently in all their public engagements and in their offices. Any violations should be strictly punished.

    2. Limit visas/consular locations & staff size based open an evaluation of degree of openness of the other country (implicit is a threat perception evaluation). Restrict the privileges given to these countries entities to no more than what is accorded to our organizations there. Any country or organization that is avowedly communist or affiliated should automatically receive the minimum possible grade.

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