A Peek Into Everyday China : Waning Comprehensive National Power of China

The Pandemic and the Ukraine War have shown that China’s comprehensive national power is waning. The post covid reopening of China has been sluggish at best. It will be a grave mistake if we ascribe great capabilities to China which they do not have.

One response to “A Peek Into Everyday China : Waning Comprehensive National Power of China”

  1. Sir, if the Chinese are assured of war time food & energy supplies across the land border they have with Russia, the strategic value of the Malacca straits is surely much diminished, is it not ? At best, Russia will stay neutral in any conflict China has with us and supply both sides. If the conflict is with the West, Russia will go all out in support of China, short of boots on the ground (though the Wagner PMC may show up).

    Great point on our claims to adjacent areas of Tibet. We have been unnecessarily, but characteristically, reticent about the thousands of years of our cultural presence in areas such as Manasarovar. Even Hotan (Xinjiang) is a corruption of the original indic Gosthana and using logic with “chinese characteristics” 🙂 we can lay claim to Xinjiang as well.

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