India China Roundup Including Bhutan

In this episode of A Peek Into Everyday China, I delved into important aspects of the India – China equation which is emerging. I also analysed the Bhutan border issue. Got terrific response from the audience.

6 responses to “India China Roundup Including Bhutan”

  1. Sir, will China abide by agreements only when it’s to their benefit or at all times ? Looking at their behavior on our borders and with their coastal neighbors, it doesn’t seem like they care too much about legal niceties.
    Related concern, their approach to negotiations seems to be to put pressure at multiple points making grandiose demands and then make a show of reluctantly agreeing to a “concession” that matches their actual objectives. I hope that’s not the case if/when the Bhutanese agree to “settle” Doklam with the Chinese.

    1. We have to negotiate. Long road ahead

    2. We have to negotiate…is there any other way?

      1. Sir, we may have to negotiate but just thinking we should always be aware the end result is not going to lessen the costs of defending our interests and we should not lower our guard even after any agreements are ratified. Hope we at least get/preserve some geographically advantageous -from a military perspective- gains out of any agreement that’s reached.

  2. Brig Indrajeet Narayan Avatar
    Brig Indrajeet Narayan

    Bhutan cannot and should not deal directly with China. Their foreign policy has to take into account our security concerns. Substantial funding of Bhutan is being done by India through MEA. But for India, Bhutan would have been gobbled up by China. China needs alternate route to bypass Malaca strait, what better way than cutting across Bhutan and touching the Bay of Bengal. Bhutan must understand that they cannot put their leg in two boats. They will sink and even god cannot save them.

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