The Afghanistan Trail on CASA Dialogues

Lt Gen K J Singh (R) and I had a great conversation on Afghanistan. It was an education for me. He is as knowledgeable about the country as he was when he wrote his outstanding dissertation on Afghanistan during our Higher Command Course. A comment from the audience says it all : Impressively comprehensive discussion by Lt Gen RaviShankar Sir and Lt Gen KJ Singh Sir. I do hope such a mature podcast receives a broader audience.

One response to “The Afghanistan Trail on CASA Dialogues”

  1. Very well covered. The subcontinent would be better served if Pak accepts that its existential threat lurks to its West and not to its East. Though it has been a sovereign state for the past 74 odd years, history from even before Alexander’s foray towards the subcontinent says that all human incursions into the subcontinent has been from the West. Gen. KJ with whom I had the privilege of serving for a short duration when I was att to 7 Cav at Babina when his Regt was the first Indian army unit to induct T72 tanks in 1979, is still sprightly and humorous as ever. God bless him with a long healthy life.

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