A Peek Into Everyday China : Analysis of Two Sessions of a Sick Dragon.

This is an analysis of the recently held Two Sessions in China. It marks the start of Xi Jinping’s third term and it actually gave out the contours of what is coming ahead. I have outlined the direction which China is heading in. We need to be On Guard.

I got a feed back from one of the viewers which was really great. I am reproducing it below.

Jai Hind Sir, U have one of the best channel in business, Hope this channel goes to every end of our country.


2 responses to “A Peek Into Everyday China : Analysis of Two Sessions of a Sick Dragon.”

  1. Manickam Venkataraman Avatar
    Manickam Venkataraman

    Been following all the posts by the author and found it to be very interesting analysis on India’s neighbours in general and China in particular focusing on the strategic and security dimensions and useful for academic purposes.

    1. thanks a lot for your view

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