Military Technology of This Century: AI for Armed Forces

In this video Maj Gen Rajiv Narayanan and self delve into the basics of AI and examine where it fits into the Armed Forces and how to garner it



4 responses to “Military Technology of This Century: AI for Armed Forces”

  1. Sir,

    Interesting discussion, as ever. It would be worth also working on AI Counter Measures, which could soon be as essential ECM tech & skills. Some thoughts on this are:

    * Data denial, data injection/spoofing (GIGO)

    * Interception, infection and blocking of communication links, which would be akin to cutting off/damaging the neural pathways from/to the brain (AI) in order to disrupt the collection of information from the sensory organs and issuance of instructions to the limbs. The Chinese have apparently laid hardened fibre optic links in the Ladakh theatre, so this would have likely to be kinetic in addition to EM disruption.

    * Evolve maskirovka tactics for the digital battlefield.

    Finally, perhaps a contrarian view, don’t get over dependent on AI as, if the enemy believes his own hype and goes all in believing AI trumps over kinetic power, disrupting the electronic environment will favor the less technology dependent side (perhaps having tactical EMP sources will make things interesting for a technologically over-dependent side 🙂 )

  2. Sir, this mashup of generative AI and 3D printing could be invaluable for our high-altitude defense needs:

    Redesigning our existing systems to reduce weight without compromising on strength should be a relatively low-hanging fruit and being able to standardize on 3d printable parts for a large number of frequently replaced components would make on-demand manufacturing at forward bases feasible. This has the potential to greatly simplify our logistics chains.

  3. Good Day ,

    AI could play a very important role in the Indian Armed Forces. It can help us reduce the workload and improve our efficiency. Additionally, AI can help us counter enemy threats and protect our borders.

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