A Peek Into Everyday China : China In The Neighbourhood

In this video I have highlighted the activities of China in our neighbourhood. The situation in Nepal , Bhutan and Bangladesh are of particular importance and concern to India. The neighbourhood situation offers a challenge and opportunity for us when dealing with the China factor. The video is bilingual.


2 responses to “A Peek Into Everyday China : China In The Neighbourhood”

  1. Sir, very illuminating though worrisome. I hope our strategists are thinking this through. One thought that comes to mind is considering China’s looming demographic issues, is it looking to leverage these poor but populous nations as proxies/cannon fodder for their ambitions. Much like the British used Indian troops and labor to consolidate their empire.

  2. 12:36 are we alive to this problem or do you think this is a red herring?

    Five years ago ( 12 Dec 2017) when the ‘India’s World’ weekly program was still running, Prof. SD Muni had three things to say about our India-Nepal policy

    1) There are two streaks in India Nepal policy. One is the PM’s resilience in the way he initially addressed the Nepalese. The other is muscular diplomacy. The first way will have to take precedence to show India is not hostile to Nepal.

    2) Kathmandu has to be acutely aware of some structural constraints and red lines which they should not cross vis-a-vis India. The biggest red line is that they are free to cooperate with China and they should but there will be turbulence in our relations should they stray into any areas which are security sensitive to India. This will also result in turbulence domestically which is least needed as Nepal also needs stability.

    3) Earlier there was a tendency with Nepali leaders to play the so-called China card whenever they were uncomfortable with India. They would lean towards China and say they have another option and alternative. Now that no longer holds true in the sense that China assertively wants to come into Nepal and south Asia as a whole whether Nepal likes it or not. I think Nepalese in their love for or newly discovered love for China will have to find out and probably learn from the experiences of other south Asian countries like Myanmar, Maldives, Sri Lanka and to some extent even Bangladesh & Pakistan what the costs involved are in too close of a dragon hug.

    If the Nepalese are not sensitive to this very delicate balance they will jeopardize their own development and their relations with India. As long as Nepal wanted to do a little bit of flirtation with China it was all right but now when they get closer into the dragon’s embrace they might find that it is a little more than they had bargained for and it may get more stifling than perhaps they earlier thought.

    Your line on China is that it is a predator and anyone that gets close to China will get bitten is a shorter way of saying the same thing 🙂

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