Military Technology of This Century : Near Space Operations

This is the last part of the space technology capsule in this series. We discuss the technology of near space as also the geopolitics of the operations with special reference to the current ‘balloongate’ which is ongoing. A great interaction with Maj Gen Rajiv Narayanan (R).


One response to “Military Technology of This Century : Near Space Operations”

  1. Very interesting discussion. It would be good for the govt/educational institutions/forces to provide middle/high school level hobbyist opportunities in drone development & racing, ballooning, aero-modelling, etc … to groom future generations of talent for both r&d and operations. These are expensive activities and beyond the reach of most Indian families but there’s potential to cultivate a large eco-system of hobbyists that could sustain at least a hobbyist level of local technology development & production. Providing 3D printing facilities to bring down cost and rapidly experiment with new designs would also be a way to develop future generations of hands-on innovators.

    Btw, looks like the DRDO Hyper-Spectral Imaging Camera will probably be a good fit as an ISR payload for some of these neo deployments.

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