The Chinese Balloon Affair : A Discussion with Aadi Achint

A live discussion on the Chinese balloon affair and the shooting it down by the USA

Aadi and I had a great discussion on the Chinese balloon affair. More importantly it gave me an opportunity to kickstart ‘space technology’ as part of the series on military technologies of this century. Going though this will give you a basic idea of space technology. The details of space technology and military uses of space will be tackled in subsequent videos.


3 responses to “The Chinese Balloon Affair : A Discussion with Aadi Achint”

  1. Though the US is currently the largest producer of Helium, Qatar, Algeria, Russia are also amongst the first 8 producers of the gas in the world. China could source its needs from many sources other than the U.S. & Canada. Qatar today accounts for 35% of global production. It shares its helium reserves at the North Dome field with Iran ( South Pars). China is in a long term agreement with Iran to develop South Pars- India & France ( Total) pulled out.
    Apart from free floating balloons, armies around the world have been using smaller tethered balloons for observation, radio relay etc since long. The PLA has many such tethered balloons in operation opposite us in Ladakh- many photographs are in circulation in the media.
    The track followed by the Chinese balloon from its point of origin ( not as yet known) to its xg of the Aleutian Islands chain ( US Alaska territory) to Canada and US could have been explained in greater detail. I don’t think it was entirely the vagaries of air currents that made it traverse the entire US the way it did. The reasons for the US to take so long ( from last week of Jan to 05 Feb when it was shot down) needs to be explored in greater detail.
    The basics of geography, use of balloons for surveillance etc were very well covered.

  2. GOOD Morning Very good program

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