An Interactive Session on Emerging Threats and Changing Warfare With Geostrata

I had an engaging interactive session with Darshan Gajjar of Geostrata an organisation of youth involved in various pathways of national importance in the context of the forthcoming G20 summit. It was great to realise that our youth is motivated and keen to understand the nuances of National Security and geopolitics. It was a great interaction.

4 responses to “An Interactive Session on Emerging Threats and Changing Warfare With Geostrata”

  1. Lovely interview sir! Perhaps you could do a programme on what exactly were Russia’s objectives at the start of the war, and what are the objectives and strategies of the two sides today!

    Will the availability of, the leapords etc actually provide an edge to Ukraine or simply help prolong the war!
    Why did Putin mas his armour in the open plains of Europe and why did he attack in the wrong season with his armour knowing fully well that the ground conditions were just not suitable! Are his generals that dumb??

    Is there a deeper conspiracy behind the war eg. Weaken the Economy of the EU and make them weaponise ina big way andcontribute more to NATO! What makes Zelensky click inspite of the devastation Ukraine has suffered so far? ETC!

    1. Thanks. I will do so in due course.

  2. Good Afternoon Today please give program in English

    1. This is in English. Have a look!

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