A Peek Into Every Day China : Decoupling Blues

Most of what I had written in the article above is coming true and it is being substantiated by these news reports from SCMP.

The true contours of decoupling started taking shape in Jul-Aug 22 when articles started appearing which indicated US resolve to move away from China and Chinese analysts started to opine how China could stem the tide.

By November, the writing was on the wall

Alongside the US attempts, India, Germany, and many other countries started putting in their weight.

The Chinese are pulling all stops and doing everything in their bag of tricks to retain businesses in China. However Mr Xi Jinping and his merry band of communist followers have done enough over the past two years to ensure that decoupling actually happens.

Apple has led the move out of China

Dell has now followed suite…when big ticket manufacturers start moving out, the small fish will follow….

Even the Chinese are decoupling from themselves !

Seems like the Chines fat is slowly getting into the fire.

Lastly. Autocracies are first half players. Aggressive. Early leaders. Always attempting to be start to finish winners. Democracies are second half players. Apparently lazy and disorganised. Greater stamina. They counter punch. Late finishers….Understand this and everything falls in place. Gradually……


2 responses to “A Peek Into Every Day China : Decoupling Blues”

  1. In the long-term complete decoupling from China iis the only way for world peace,

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