A Discussion on China’s Covid Waves

Aadi and I had a discussion on the Covid wave sweeping China and the implications over the long term. The Q&A session was great.

6 responses to “A Discussion on China’s Covid Waves”

  1. National strategy as pointed out is vital

  2. Maj Gen Rajan Kochhar Avatar
    Maj Gen Rajan Kochhar

    What is the reality in China. Anybody’s guess. Unless what is being said can be authenticated from a nuetral source. China continues to surge ahead with impunity. Look at our trade imbalance. Also BRI and CPEC are progressing well. China is expanding its footprints in most nations. We often fall prey to China rattling. Let’s look inwards and establish counters. That is the need of the hour. Also let us not fall in the trap of Americans. A more rationalised approach is warranted

    1. The presentation material is based on Chinese media reports.

    2. The presentation material is made from Chinese media reports and not western commentary.

      1. Maj Gen Rajan Kochhar Avatar
        Maj Gen Rajan Kochhar

        Thanks for the clarification sir. However do media reports always give us a true picture. Isn’t the media under the control of CPC.

      2. All the more important to discern what their media is saying. Please see my series on A peek into everyday China in my site. All my presentations and articles are based on what is in Chinese media !

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