The Geoeconomics of India’s Rise by Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)

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5 responses to “The Geoeconomics of India’s Rise by Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)”

  1. Excellent analysis of geo-economics and that too by an Army General!! I wonder if any professional economist could be able to write such an article. One minor point about the statement that India was put into various difficulties after 1947- Our dire conditions post 1947 were of our choice in terms of strategies and policies whereas we could have navigated ourselves much better after 1947. So how much ever harm British did to us, our leadership could have risen to the occasion and steered us safely. Just like Japan, Germany and China benefitted from USA, India could have cultivated USA and benefitted. We chose the other way consciously and paid for it. Anyway, we are past that era long back and now moving ahead rapidly to be a global power soon.

  2. Maj Gen Shammi Raj AVSM SM (R) Avatar
    Maj Gen Shammi Raj AVSM SM (R)

    Very incisive articulation on Indian trajectory of economic rise. Gen Shankar has beautifully analysed the bottlenecks impinging upon India’s rise since independence. Unfortunately, our choice to virtually align with East, as against the US, didn’t take us where we could have been in a much earlier timeframe. Notwithstanding the same, Indians will power and resilience are certainly bearing fruits, propelling us surely to a position of strategic significance at the global stage. A brilliant exposition by Gen Shankar, as always.

  3. […] 24 acknowledges that India is a rising power finding its place on global stage. The geoeconomics of India’s are already propelling it to be a  third pole in global affairs. […]

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