A Discussion on the Tawang Face-off on Jaipur Dialogues

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  1. Lt Col BR Nair ( retd) Avatar
    Lt Col BR Nair ( retd)

    The criticality of reorganising our armed forces into at least 3 theatres has been well brought out. In addition the flaw in not having a national level security strategy even if the reorg is done has also been well established. The widely held perception that generals or even the NSA are responsible for enunciation of the NSS too has been made clear. These are the three important take sways from this edition of the Jaipur Dialogues.

  2. Jai Hind General Sir thanks for your in depth analysis. Since the IA command structure and the Indian Jawan can match up to the PLA, the most vulnerable sector remains the Indian financial sector to cyber crimes. Should we not have a specialized force to handle this don’t we need more laptops than guns. Your expert view point.

  3. Thought you might find the presentation style interesting. It’s addressed to a young audience and is full of interesting points. Took them well over three months.

  4. Seems we had a little advance warning about impending Chinese incursion in Yangtze from the Americans

    Wow !!

    The U.S. government for the first time provided real-time details to its Indian counterparts of the Chinese positions and force strength in advance of a PLA incursion, says a source familiar with a previously unreported U.S. intelligence review of the encounter into the Arunachal Pradesh region. The information included actionable satellite imagery and was more detailed and delivered more quickly than anything the U.S. had previously shared with the Indian military.

    It made a difference.

    1. I think the Americans are making hay while the sun shines. This kind of intelligence is improbable to obtain. It can only be obtained by troops in contact.

      1. Very good General. There are only a handful of people who can figure this out. I’m glad you clarified. If we can figure this out ourselves all the better.

        The common man would just believe it all. I would not put it past the Americans to oversell their intel. I remember US reports coming out soon after Galwan saying their intel found over 100 dead on the other side. How could they possibly know without even being there?

        Making hay as you said. Good PR for them.

      2. there figure of 100 or so being dead could be a derivative of electronic intelligence. Normally in panic / emergent situations , caution gets thrown to winds. The Chinese would have suffered that and communicated in the open to get their casualties reported or evacuated.

  5. It would appear Yangtze was a QPQ by the Chinese a few days later for holding Yudh Abhyas near the LAC. To teach India a lesson for bringing the Americans there. But there was a surprise in store for the PLA

    We signed BECA in Oct 2020. Catalyst was Galwan. So now the scope of conflict reduces further. There is no chance PLA can do a Kargil type operation against India

    Very interesting. Let’s see how the PLA adapts to this new development in the future. Will they try to settle or still try to push their luck? It’s early days and one setback isn’t a big deal.

  6. Some followups General


    General Kulkarni concurs that we can already see everything by virtue of being there. He does not understand what more intel the US can share with us in this regard.


    Asked Air Marshall Bedi the same question and he had an interesting answer

    When asked the Americans refused to confirm the intel assist which allows them to walk it back.

    Re-reading the earlier USNews Article I posted above, I see there is no named source for this information. All unnamed.

    1. ask this question when gen say Kulkarni and I discuss the LAC.

      1. Will he be back? You already did a video a month ago

        You both agree though. I find it amusing that when officially asked the Americans refused to answer. That is the confirmation. They have nothing to hide otherwise.

      2. ask me the question in a live show and I will answer it in depth.

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