India’s Neighbourhood Crisis : A Discussion

Aadi and I had a discussion on India’s neighbourhood and the developing crises in the countries surrounding us. The Q&A session was very interesting.

2 responses to “India’s Neighbourhood Crisis : A Discussion”

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    Jai Hind General Sir, I heard this discussion with great interest and I agree with you regarding POK and also agree with you of making India economically stronger. Sir I have a question here that since Pakistan is no match for India militarily and Pakistan has overgrown its size and resources what if a million people from the other side want to cross over because of hunger and starvation. In such a case what would the Indian Army do and what would be the action of the Indian government. I am sure in the top echelons of the Indian defence establishment such a war game must have been discussed. General Sir just wanted your viewpoint of such a situation. Jai Hind

    1. It will depend on the circumstances and the government orders on that day. There is no fixed response on these issues.

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