Discussion on POK on Jaipur Dialogues

It was a fascinating discussion on POK with Mr Sanjay Dixit and Mr Tahir Gora on the issue of taking back POK. Many related topics also came into the dialogue.

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One response to “Discussion on POK on Jaipur Dialogues”

  1. An absorbing discussion in which Pak origin Canadian editor Tahir Aslam Gora made some very interesting observations about the Pak elites who run Pak foreign policy & rule the country.
    India must attract our neighbors to freely elect to be part of the India story. The display of military muscle is not the way to influence people & win friends. We must progress on the economic front in mission mode as our #1 priority. A rising flood lifts all boats is an old truism. India must consider institutional outreach to our neighbours in the manner the US did in the 50s & 60s with USAID & its Peace Corps.
    That the Taliban/ TTP etc are businesses masquerading as religious parties was well explained by Tahir Gora. Gen Shankar’s recall of the three Anglo- Afghan wars and the issue of how Pashtun nationalism will turn Afghanistan into being the Old Man on Sinbad the Sailor’s back was illuminating. Geopolitics involving China, Afghanistan, Pakistan & India using the Old Man analogy was brilliant. We certainly do not wish to make POK & GB our Old Man!!
    Lastly the issue of Hindu persecution being more in Sind than in Punjab was also well covered by Tahir Gora.
    Well worth the 40 odd minutes spent in watching this episode of the Jaipur Dialogues.

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