Welcome to Gunners Shot

A new Gunners Shot website has been created.

This website contains all articles categorised under 12 categories. You can search all the articles easily and navigate through them as per your requirement. The categories are at the bottom of the page. All articles are also archived month wise since 2019. The latest five articles are also at the bottom of the page.

When you use an old link to view an article you might land up on a page as under. Key in the title of the article and you will be on your way.

If you have any issues, leave a comment at the bottom or head to the Contact page and reach out. There might be some teething troubles. Bear with me.

All the best

Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retired)


17 responses to “Welcome to Gunners Shot”

      1. suhas bhilawadikar Avatar
        suhas bhilawadikar

        Congratulations & best wishes. Your analysis has always been incisive & always look forward for the next piece.

      2. Kudos dear…..Good to see you in action always…. Gunning away to glory…..Keep doing it.

  1. Thank you for starting the site Lt.General ! Will go through all articles! Jai Hind!

    Best regards
    Arvindh Sarangapani

  2. Congracts SIR..
    been following your analysis from inception..hope it grows more….
    Even into a think tank..(we need a few more of them..good ones)or something better…

  3. Heartiest congratulations.. Very heartening to see your progress and rise in the media world

  4. Congratulations Sir,

    So many will owe so much, to so few genuine visionaries like you

    Naresh Arya

  5. Great website General. Wishing you all success and more power to your pen.

  6. Congrats Gen, this is indeed a great achievement – keep writing – we follow your articles regularly – wishing you the very best. Tc

    1. Thanks a million sir . A comment from an Army Commander of the Indian Army is worth its weight in gold. Regards

  7. S.mohan (ex iaf) living in LAX with son Avatar
    S.mohan (ex iaf)….now living in LAX with son

    Thanks very much sir. Following your analysis and from 2020 in p gurus and others…they are coiming true as you siad in todays interview …..need for our own narrative is need of the hour to bring in more cohesion for lead the third pole of the world order.

  8. Being a student of Geo-Politics and strategic affairs your analysis has always helped to understand Geo-Politics and military affairs better. Wishing you a good luck sir in achieving your objective.

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