A Peek Into Everyday China : Common Prosperity or Common Poverty?

It has been almost a month since the 20Th Party Congress concluded. It was followed up the G20 meet which seemed more like a coming out party for Xi Jinping. However there is a subtle difference. The China we knew before the 20th Party Congress is not the one after that. The leadership has changed and so will China….that is already evident in the headlines in the South China Morning Post….these are just a few I have put together in a span of 3-5 days only.   

Poser : – Do you think China can come out of the corner it is in ? Do you think than common prosperity could turn into common poverty?  Already there are assessments that the date by which the Chinese economy will overhaul the US economy is going further away…well. well, well!

These days when I read about China I am reminded of Dharmendra’s dialogue – Is me toh comedy hai, tragedy hai, romance hai aur fight hai…these days China men Virus hai, Karz hai, GDP nahi hai, Xi hai, lockdown hai ….phir bi superpower hai! 

Happy noodling ! 


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