The Hu JinTao Exit :A Discussion

 Aadi and I discuss the unceremonious exit of Hu Jintao which was put on display during the 20 Party Congress. Irrespective of the reason for the exit, it was stage managed for effect. 

2 responses to “The Hu JinTao Exit :A Discussion”

  1. What is the average term of an absolute dictator in power? Hitler, Mussolini, Sadam Hussain, Muamer Gaddafi etc. Other than Mao, they have all had very abbreviated reigns.

  2. Sir, responding to your point whether China can catch up with the US on semicon – respectfully disagree.Check out: Quoting: “Biren showed that the BR100 GPGPU is slightly faster than Nvidia's Ampere A100 thanks to advanced specs like […], Published 08/10/2022″I can say this (having worked in the Supercomputing environment for a while) – the nVidia A-100 is completely cutting edge and the fact that the Biren processor comes up to its capability says A LOT. The A-100 was released in mid-2020 and is just one version behind the latest (the H-100). In fact since the H-100 uses the same architecture as A-100 tells me that at least in high performance computing, China is right up there with the best out of the US.

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