A Discussion on China on The Alternate Media in Hindi

This is an inaugural talk I had on the Alternate Media Channel. The discussion was on China and it was in Hindi. Ms Gayatri Devi who runs the Channel is not as ‘alternate’ as the name of the channel suggests. It was a quite a good experience to discuss China with a level headed person.  



2 responses to “A Discussion on China on The Alternate Media in Hindi”

  1. Sir, we see that the USA is trying to provoke India indirectly by sending the Pak Ambassador to PoK, issuing a new danger advisory, F-16 aid to Pak, etc. among other things. What exactly is the US' real intention behind these acts? Surely these acts are more than a coincidence and again, is this retribution for not opposing Russia?

  2. India has started hitting west and they don't want that we buy russian oil , give statements which criticize west directly. It is a pressure building tactics that they use everywhere. We should ignore it and do what is in our interest.

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