Changing Traditions : An Analysis

There is a lot of steam being generated on the changes being contemplated in the Armed Forces. Aadi and I discussed this issue and took on some tricky questions. It was an interesting discussion. 


4 responses to “Changing Traditions : An Analysis”

  1. Yes, the focus is important. What are we focusing on? These are distractions and should be avoided. Because there are no runners-up in war.

  2. Army is more ingrained with its traditions and history of their valours like history of one's family ancestors. Political environment may change but professionalism of the Army dates back to its inception and raising which is always honourable.

  3. Defender services should preserve their traditions like everyone preserve its past in the form of History.Every Jawan feel proud of Regiment/uniteven his next generation feel good about serving their encestors in the present Regiment by seeing old Albion or photographs

  4. Brilliant interpretation of history. We need to learn from the history, remember it and not to repeat it. History is made. The victor is always a tyrant. Indian Soldiers firing on their own brethren cannot be justified but at the same time we respect their dedication and devotion for the duty.

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