India's Evolving Status Post SCO Meet : A Discussion

Aadi and I had a very lively discussion on India’s evolving status in the post SCO times. We discuss how India has gone beyond neutrality to being a emerging pole in global affairs whose weight counts. The Q&A session was very mature and devoid of hype.  



3 responses to “India's Evolving Status Post SCO Meet : A Discussion”

  1. There is a simple test of whether India is a third pole. When will India restart imports of Iranian oil against the will of the United States? India has not purchased Iranian oil since May 2019. It is a great burden on the economy and import bill amounting to billions of dollars annually when Brent is $90-100/barrel to completely bypass a huge supplier in the neighborhood. India did show insolence and an independent streak by ramping up purchases of Russian oil since the start of the Ukraine War. The US delivered a hard slap in your face by agreeing to upgrade the entire Pakistani F-16 fleet to be more combat capable. Non-purchase of Russian, Venezuelan and above all Iranian oil is the unending dowry you must pay for the marriage. If you dare buy Iranian oil without permission, the US takes a walk from next month's exercise in Uttarakhand. Mirror, mirror. You're not independent. You're not a beautiful bride and if your family is delinquent, the groom will not show up at the wedding hall.

  2. Bandar bandar you are a joker. US had to shell out something (strategic) for India not to buy Iranian oil. Russian we get with a ungli to US. No matter how much you try, middle kingdom not gonna happen. CPEC gone the drain, Lanka gone under the sea, Pelosi bursting pooh's balls.Seems like Uttarakhand exercises made PLA sh!t their pants, lol.

  3. grass mud horse chinese monkey .. 83 year old nancy pelosi made the PLA p!ss in their pants.. what did 11 jinping do about it ?? i guess he went crying to his wife to complain

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