A Peek Into Everyday China : XI Pictures of XIs China

 A picture is worth a thousand words….here are XI pictures of XIs China. If you are wondering what they are..they are simply a collection of news headlines from South China Morning Post from 02 Sep to 10 sep 22 which landed in my mail. Very importantly almost 50% of the important analysis and headlines are largely negative in nature…you still think China is a superpower?….leave it you to take a call….lets start with the drought which incidentally is still continuing though temperatures have fallen.  

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO IS THE MOST POWERFUL AMONGST THEM ALL….XI-NAMA                                                                                                                                                                                 


7 responses to “A Peek Into Everyday China : XI Pictures of XIs China”

  1. Sir, just like you i'm also waiting for your pet monkey 🙂

  2. Aaj hamare bandar ne dagaa de diya!!! Perhaps we scared him off…Aapne darna nahin hai bandar (in classic Imran Khan ishtyle), we miss you and your 'erudite' analysis!

  3. The bandar reflects the reality of China , a “Muddled” Kingdom instead of the Middle Kingdom.

  4. Dear RM,Petty insults do nothing to enrich the conversation. Your comment resembles Indian current affairs TV talk shows. Six different guests shouting at each other at once. Nothing of substance is said. Can you rise above the demerits of your race and have an intellectual conversation? I return to my 3 questions for you.1. Are Indians prone to excessive national optimism?2. To what extent does high caste Hindu domination of the discourse especially in areas like international relations and strategy contribute to excessive national optimism?3. Is the high caste Hindu prone to personal hubris because of the inherent social hierarchy of Indian society and does the innate folly of upper caste Hindus spill over into international relations and strategy?

  5. Dear CM (Chinese Monkey),1. Are all chinese certified cowards (so all the honour, bravery , courage shown in your martial arts movies is just for the screen.. we all know chinese = cheating in reality) ? 2. Is it real that 11 jinping doesnt have balls ?3. Is it true that when 83 year old nancy pelosi landed in taiwan .. the entire PLA pissed in their pants ?4. Is it true that the chinese will sell their mother's kidneys for money ?5. Is it true that your english isnt actually as good as you try to project here — the world already knows the kind of english they know from all the product labels and instruction manuals that are seen 6. Is it true that you cannot mind your own effing business and stop visiting this blog completely because nobody effing invited you at all ? 7. Is it true that tiananmen square …… ??8. Is it true that if ever the PLA attacks taiwan and loses — the whole of mainland china might actually witness democracy kicking out the effing ccp ? and 11 jinping has nightmares about this ??food for thought — grass mud horse .. chinese monkey !!

  6. Dear CCP Monkey ( Sept 17, 2022 , 2.10 AM)Please answer Anonymous ( Sept 17, 2022, 1.14PM) questions he has asked you? You wont because you have no b@lls! Please request the powers that are for two pairs, one for you and one for Xi Pingpong! Braindead monkey!

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