India’s Neighbourhood : A Discussion

In this episode Aadi and I discuss our neighbourhood. The worrying factor is that China is pressing Nepal for the Trans Himalayan rail line. The rail line has the potential to bring PLA to our door step. Needs greater deliberation.  



2 responses to “India’s Neighbourhood : A Discussion”

  1. China is valued by India's neighbors because China is reliable and gets things done. Announcements of big loans by India to Bangladesh have become a huge joke in Bangladesh. In March 2016, India agreed to extend a $2 billion credit line to Bangladesh. As of last month $232 million was disbursed. In October 2017, India agreed to extend a $4.5 billion credit line to Bangladesh and $263 million has been disbursed so far. Bangladesh knows it is not going to see the promised projects emerge.

  2. 11 jinping got no balls .. china is a bloody shameless debt trapper .. BRI .. CPEC … all worthless .. ha ha .. nancy pelosi gave it to the chinese .. what did they do about it ?? haha

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