MY PET MONKEY by Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)

I have recently acquired a pet. It is a Chinese monkey.  You will wonder how I got it. It is a special gift for me all the way from China. You will also wonder why I have been chosen for this special gift. Well. I have been airing my thoughts freely on the Chinese ailments on Gunners Shot and @ What I have been airing seems to have tickled Xi’s funny bone. The funny bone is highly sensitive to the truth of China being exposed. It also tells me that I am hitting a mark consistently!  Do you know what happens when you tickle Xi’s funny bone? You get ‘re-educated’ in umpteen places where Special Education Centers are set up. These centers are fully designed to make you into communist clone by squeezing the juice out of your you-know-what. China runs a tailor-made course for people from East Turkistan so that they do not even procreate. The curriculum is so classified that even UN hesitated to release the report on these detention centers. China has promised an exclusive university of ‘re-education’ to 23 million Taiwanese when the Island is conquered. China has a rich history of such re-education dating back to the imperial times of the Qings and Mings. However, when China cannot re-educate an old foggy incoherent retired Indian General, who is hitting the mark, he is gifted with a pet monkey! I am privileged to have got one! Why a monkey? They could have easily sent the Virus on a plane like they did with the rest of the world in 2020. But. But. But. India has very good vaccines, and I am inoculated! Ha ha! Also, the Wuhan Virus is not exportable anymore like the rest of Chinese exports. It has returned to its womb to take up permanent residence in China. China could have also sent a fire spewing dragon. However, the fire spewing dragon resembles a sick lizard off late. The monkey is the best available universal alternative.  


What are the characteristics of my pet monkey? It is a typical Chinese single child of a rapidly aging society which, kills its female children and imports Pakistani brides and donkeys. I think it is sneaky, around two feet tall with pigtails and eats noodles. To be honest, I do not know its dimensions since my pet monkey is virtual. Ideologically it is fully immersed  in communism. It seems to be educated, perceptive, and persistent. It is highly brainwashed and deeply embedded in the party machinery. This pet thinks China is like an orangutan while behaving like a monkey in a drought. It feels China’s only problem is with USA since it is solely ordained by the middle kingdom to displace USA from pole position. It does not know that the Indian equivalent of the Middle Kingdom is the ‘Trishanku Swarg’! Neither here nor there…hanging in mid-air! However, despite posing as an orangutan it could not prevent an 84 year old grandma from landing in Taiwan. That is when I realised that it is only a stupid monkey which knows to shoot its mouth off. This monkey loves bat soup, rat dumplings and snake cuts. The monkey is a spiritual kin to  the Virus which the communists deliberately allowed to infect the whole universe. This communist monkey who believes it is an orangutan declared victory over the virus and self-isolated itself the from the world. This riled up the disowned virus. The virus knew that the Chinese vaccines are useless. It jumped the wall and came back with a vengeance to wreak havoc in China. A combination of self-isolation, virus, drought, xiconomics, and overconfidence is dragging the country down. 


However all that is lost to my pet monkey since it is designed to carry out counter propaganda and influence operations. How does it do so? It reads all my blogs @ as they get published and puts out its disruptive comments. It is adept at playing the fastest finger first. It trashes me. It proves that I am anti national, seditious, and ignorant. Its comments always reiterate China’s superiority and affluence over backward and poor India. It coercively and malevolently keeps telling me how strong China is and how its high IQ obese soldiers who are ‘voluntarily conscripted’ will sort out India. It does not have any comprehension of an open democratic society.  It treats constructive criticism as being equivalent to dissent. In essence, it denigrates India , Indians and everything we stand for. My monkey is from a country which wants to destroy us.  My monkey has a big brain with a small mind full of disdain for anything Indian.  Read some of its monkey tricks: –


China would secretly welcome India stepping up engagement with Taiwan because China will have the opportunity to respond by opening up a new secession front against India. If an Indian delegation visits Taiwan, then the Chinese foreign minister will call Simranjit Mann and express support for the Khalistan movement


What ability is there to get Tibetans to rebel? The place is walled off, has a small population, and receives huge subsidies. Khalistan on the other hand has a huge following in Canada and Italy willing to provide financial and political backing and the kindling of disenchanted youth

China has an economy 6x larger than the Indian economy. China is an upper middle income country; India is a poor country.
 For every billion dollars India spends trying to match a billion dollars spent by China at the border, India suffers 10-20x more damage because of its smaller economy and more pressing needs. The child malnutrition program will need to be cut to pay for importing another squadron of Rafales.

China has a lot going for it, most of all a lot of smart people. India has a lot of overwhelming problems and not many smart people. By the time India reaches a $10 trillion economy, China will be past $70 trillion 


It’s a clear indication China has a huge upper middle class. The ratio of Chinese billionaires to Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles sold in the last year in China is excellent and points to a healthy and dynamic economy. There are lots of successful small business owners and middle class professionals in China who can afford a Benz. 

Contrast India. Messrs. Ambani and Adani are worth around $100 billion dollars. More wealthy than anyone in China or anywhere else in Asia. There are a few hundred billionaires in India. Mercedes Benz sales in India are paltry, just 11,000 passenger vehicles sold in 2021. Does that sound like a dynamic economy or rampant cronyism?


In China, the economy has stopped growing this year because of lockdowns. Will it roar back next year? Probably. Why would a highly talented country with a long track record suddenly lose capabilities? It’s unhealthy wishful thinking to see a bank run in a province in China and declare China to be on the very of permanent economic collapse. At the same time ignoring data from global multinationals showing a Chinese economy that is in some respects 50x more vigorous than the Indian economy. It smacks of desperation


India is spending a lot more of its limited resources on the military than China. However, the Indian military is woefully underfunded. India lost 20 men at Galwan. China lost 4. The crucial difference was technological inferiority. India did not have helicopters capable of evacuating injured men overnight. Wounded Indian troops froze overnight after splashing into the icy water, some succumbing to exposure and lack of oxygen at the high altitude. India is out of funds and the MOD delays as usual the purchase of the Kamov Ka-226, a high altitude helicopter for casualty evacuation


The average IQ of India is 82. The average IQ in the US and China is around 20 points higher. As there is a linear relationship between soldier performance and IQ, American and Chinese soldiers drawn from the lower half of the population in cognitive ability are significantly better soldier stock than Indian soldiers from the top half of the Indian population in cognitive ability


Chinese military service is technically based on conscription, but it is a requirement that’s been rarely enforced in recent years as plenty of volunteers have stepped forward for spots in the county’s rapidly modernizing forces.


After Taiwan, the speaker flew to South Korea. President Yoon Suk Yeol was at home in Seoul when Pelosi arrived. He did not meet with her, instead held a 40 min phone conversation. South Korea is anxious not to offend China. US is losing influence in Asia.


There is a huge gap between the Indian and Chinese submarine fleets. India has 15 including 7 Kilo class submarines. All of Kilo subs will be retired in the next few years as they are all past service life and catastrophes waiting to happen. China on the other hand operates 6 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, 6 nuclear-powered attack submarines and 46 diesel-powered attack submarines. If PLAN has a local base like in Sri Lanka, their subs will become utterly dominant.


If relations deteriorate further with India, then there might be 4 Chinese overseas bases (additional bases in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Cambodia).


What concession should India be prepared to negotiate to produce a lasting peace treaty with China? The Tawang tract was annexed by India in 1951. Is India prepared to transfer it to China? The boundary issue could be settled comprehensively with the transfer of the Tawang tract.


The general is mentally blocked from seeing problems India will face. A good strategist is able to know thyself and know thy adversary. The general is not a good strategist. He tells people what they want to hear (and what he wants to hear) rather than deliver high quality information and assessments(this is specially for me!).


The Party wishes to continue to rule China now and forever.



Such gems can come from only a well-oiled operation at national level. For those who have not yet got it … it is Influence and Information Operations as part of Communist China’s Three War Strategy. This is how it is executed. Casual chats with others indicated to me that many Indians who expose China’s façade have similar pet monkeys. Those who reveal the truth about China are generally gifted with specially curated and custom made pet monkeys. Hence India should be alive to the fact that there is a systematic method of national  monitoring, disrupting, debasing, and  countering India’s strategic community. Part of this is to bombard their audiences with alternate facts and ideas based on a mixture of half-truths and full lies so that the speakers / authors are discredited in front of their own readers/ audience/ countrymen. I am sure this extends to other areas also. It could be businesses, media, government etc etc.  There is an Orwellian system in place to weaponize  information. I am also quite sure China is using all kinds of media to disrupt our society and our national fabric in multiple manners – paid and unpaid. In a highly plural and democratic society like ours, the monkeys which have infiltrated our system and are now resident in it , must have spawned many more local monkeys who will answer to China’s beck and call. 


We have always known that the Chinese carry out Influence and Information operations. The recent comments of the Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka on India are an extreme form of ‘Wolf Warrior’ Influence Operations.  There will be many more forms. Having had a first-hand taste of it, one can visualise the vision and extent of Chinese Influence Operations in India. These  will constantly attempt to Influence policy matters to suit their ends. It also confirms that China, will discredit India in any manner since India will sooner  or later be its peer competitor. Hence the blatant attempt is to coerce India into bandwagoning  and make a deal with China. However how do you do a deal with an untrustworthy nation like China? Make any concession to it and it will ask for more. 

I have highlighted China’s modus operandi in my article Chinese Information Operations:Here and Now (@ Lt Gen Ata Hasnain in his article  Information Threats to India’s Security    and Ms Tara Kartha in her article  Chinese Inroads Through Influence Operationsdwell on other aspects of this in greater detail. A sum total of this and what I have put across in this narration informs me that India needs to do something about it in an organised manner. I hope someone in the Government of India reads this and does something. In the meanwhile I will continue being entertained by my pet monkey!  

PS :- I posted this article on my blog and left it for some time without much publicity. in a matter of minutes the monkey was on the job to post its comment ! You can see the monkeys comment. It is quite unambiguous by its sheer stupidity. If you look into my a few of my previous articles you will see a repetitive persistence about the whole monkey affair. 



17 responses to “MY PET MONKEY by Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)”

  1. You have hit the bulls eye Sir! Chinese will keep barking as their bite is weak as seen by all the blow hot air at Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi’s visit, Egg on their face as usual!

  2. Their ASPIRATION to be a super power will ALWAYS remain an ASPIRATION!

  3. This is the monkey!

  4. The best satire by the General Saheb on his pet monkey. In the fact I have enjoyed reading it more than what I had enjoyed in the distant past while reading Oliver Goldsmith's, “The Citizen of the World “.

  5. Don't let the monkey get your goat ! You've got their attention now. Just give them an overdose.

  6. Bull's eye. It is futuristic warfare. We need 'Mind Tanks' as opposed to 'Think Tanks' to play this game. Unlike, the presumed assumption of shorter conventional operations, this game will be and is long drawn. It begs much more focus and attention, of all and The 'All in All'. It entails more work on ground and less talk with cautionary patience. It is a very slow game. Hope the 'Relevant Others' join in. We need to win for our future generations. Play on

  7. This is called; “roasted beyond recognition” aka “charred”… CCP read that and sulk!

  8. China just makes noise. All AI and VFX video stuff will evaporate when kinetic action starts. They haven't fought a battle hardened army in last 5 decades.

  9. Well said Venky! PLA and CCP will be seething with rage. Their propagandists will have to work overtime!

  10. Sir,You have hit the nail on the head; more like you have pierced the Chinese heart with a well aimed arrow.They can bark all they want! They claim to have lost only 4 soldiers vs 20 Indian bravehearts in Galwan; why were they not boasting about it immediately? Why did they wait eight months to disclose it? Come on you PLA chimps, please respond to my question!You PLA and CCP chimps will “parrot” what jumpin 11 says; after all you have no freedom, continuous lockdowns and piss poor vaccine! Keep writing your rubbish as only you Chinese chimps believe it! Your IQ is so high compared to Indians as claimed by you. Why are you smart Chinese heading up global companies like the numerous Indian Americans? Keep buying Mercedes. In India, we are like Warren Buffet ( do a search on google to find out who he is!) who drives a 20 plus year old Volvo but is one of the worlds richest men. So buying Mercs shows the Chinese IQ which I presume barely approaches 100! The pushback and decoupling of the world with China has started! 1 in 5 graduates cant even get a job in China! In India, there is vibrancy in a thriving democracy with a free press! I challenge you to criticise Jumping 11 ( read Xi Jingping!) with your full identification; it will be the last article you write!Goodluck you Chinese Chimps!

  11. Sir, R u sure it's monkey or jinping clone🙂. Sir pls don't insult monkeys they have standards.🤪

  12. well said shashi monkeys have standards

  13. LOL the general who's claim to fame is what exactly? loves to denigrate anything and everything China, and somehow expects any rational, objective Chinese people to not say anything but accept all the rubbish and unhinge comments you've been propagating without question? Are you that ignorant and arrogant or both? Jai Hind.None of what you have been writing have any ounce of credibility on a subject matter that is China. You spew nothing but contempt, vile attacks on the country like China fucked your mother or something in her past life.The position you attained professionally may deserve respect but the person behind the uniform is no better than a mere carnival barker. But keep at it though General, since you have clearly found your shtick of telling lies and somehow misses the structural issues of your own country, and there are many. Which is quite puzzling to say the least that an Indian man or any Indian for that matter wants to interject themselves in the affairs and internal business of China (Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and expect us Chinese to stay silent and sit back like we're a bunch of lemmings. F…you buddy. and the fact that you're lame excuse is to laughably use the SEE SEE PEE as the one attacking your inanity is even more hilarious. Hey idiot General, there are millions of us that leave China to visit other countries, study, and some of us decide to stay in places in North America, Europe, Australia, NZ but the overwhelming number of my compatriot go back to China because we love our motherland, and is confident with the leadership of the CPC. You keep talking about freedom this freedom that…what exactly has freedom brought to your country? Your country and mine started off relatively at the same time but look where our respective countries stand economically, militarily, politically. Your dreams of becoming a UN permanent council member will remain just that, a f…ng pipe dream. And for the last time, you monkeys, didn't give us the UN seat. Our blood, sacrifices, bloods, sweats, and tears on the back of more than 20 million Chinese who died fighting against Imperial Japan is what earned that.

  14. Tibet is not China's, except by force. Free Tibet and there's a good chance of lasting peace. Else, the very attitude reflected in the rant above will lead to conflict. The chips on your shoulder are so big they will break you. The UN seat was literally gifted to you by the most naive Prime Minister we ever had the misfortune to have and the Chinese who fought the Japanese all fled to Taiwan. And, dear 50center, China would still be a vastly impoverished country if the West hadn't invested in you for their own selfish reasons. Something to think about.

  15. 11 jinping got no balls .. your 20 million were high on opium .. when drug addicts die from overdosing, that's not called sacrifice !! First address the 83 year olds who are making your PLA piss in their pants .. we'll talk about other things later . grass mud horse — be gone chinese monkey !!

  16. Always publish a common link to you blog, not that of a particular blog, so that anybody can read all of your articles.I feel that, our armymen are now starting to take a stand, but, I expect more detailed analysis.Anyway, nice and a funny one to read. I was amused and left with a broad smile from ear to ear after reading this blog.👍

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