Pakistan After The Floods : A Discussion

In this live discussion Aadi and I had a very interesting discussion on the status of Pakistan after the floods recede. The threat it will now face from absolute water scarcity will compound issues terribly. Pakistan’s worst days are ahead of it , not behind. 



7 responses to “Pakistan After The Floods : A Discussion”

  1. Sir, besides the current deluge & groundwater depletion in Pakistan, there are some serious lessons for India;1. Given our infamous distinction of being the largest groundwater extractor in the world; so much that it is more than the combined extraction of USA+China. A study published by has found that by 2025, “large swaths of north-western and southern India will have critically low groundwater availability and projected to face severe water stress by 2050.” As discussed in multiple blogs and webinars by you; one of the key factors responsible is the lack of regulation and planning for groundwater management, by both state awe central Govts, resulting in this senseless plunder, especially in states where electricity is either free or subsidized, motivating farmers for increased cultivation of water-intensive crops! On top; massive urbanization, depleting green cover, and most importantly lack of/suboptimal rainwater harvesting protocols are responsible for water stress.2. India must ramp up the construction of more Irrigation & drain canal networks from river basins, especially in the northeastern and peninsular regions, which frequently encounter water logging & flooding during the rainy season. In the past decade, India has witnessed more of such exigencies, particularly in built-up areas in metros, causing substantial damage to infrastructure. While we can put across world-class roads, expressways, bridges, and airports, our water management systems remain archaic or inefficient, or both, a serious deficiency that warrants attention! Our 6 metros Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad face the problem of some serious flooding (in low-lying areas) every year, yet there isn’t any planning for a permanent solution by respective state Govts in sight to resolve this, except for some routine ad-hoc measures.3. Though India has a fully functional NDRF/NDMA, doing a commendable job, it still has to cover some distance to increase its proactiveness via forewarning the state Govts of impending dangers; be it water logging, or likely infrastructure damage such as bridges and buildings that are most likely to be impacted by monsoons or cloudburst, causing potential loss of life. To achieve this, instead of depending chiefly on military & paramilitary personnel, wish there was an increased focus on training more volunteers and allocating necessary resources per state, and more importantly educating people on regular basis on how to act instead of reacting in face of challenges thrown up by nature.

  2. Very good post. However, the general is mentally blocked from seeing problems India will face. A good strategist is able to know thyself and know thy adversary. The general is not a good strategist. He tells people what they want to hear (and what he wants to hear) rather than deliver high quality information and assessments.

  3. At pre-dawn on August 11, 2022 the Indian Army camp at Rajouri, Jammu was attacked. Subedar Rajendra Prasad, Rifleman Manoj Kumar, Rifleman Lakshmanan D and Rifleman Nishant Malik were killed in the firefight. Contrary to the opinion of the general, there is still an insurgency going on in Jammu and Kashmir.

  4. The General frequently states that we have severe internal problems that we should tackle and blind aping of the rapaciousness of the China model will serve to greatly exacerbate these issues. So, no sugar coating from him. Looks like you are the one with the selective hearing problem.

  5. Really, insurgency ? Terrorists funded by China & Pakistan hardly count as an insurgency. And this will go on until the idea of Pakistan -i.e Jihad as a mindset- continues to exist. An endemic disease until the right vaccine is applied.

  6. On August 16, 2022, Kashmir Pandits Sangharsh Samiti called for all Kashmiri Pandits to leave Kashmir. The Indian Army and Indian security forces have utterly failed to protect them from genocide.“With another attack on Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley, the militants have made it clear that they are going to kill all the Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir,” Sanjay Tickoo, president of KPSS, said in a statement. the success of China in bringing back stability to Xinjiang. Suspected Uighur terrorists were sent to internment camps and hundreds of thousands of Uighur children attend boarding schools where integration and communal harmony is stressed.

  7. 11 jinping got no balls .. 83 year old nancy pelosi is relaxing back home .. what did the PLA do .. tch tch tch.. dropped their dolls and ran back to their mother's to complain, i guess ?? integration , communal harmony in a chinese context .. such words .. haha .. use the toilet please.. this is a public forumPakistani terrorists will be 72'd back to base. Pakistan atleast tries to fight the Indian army through terrorists .. the PLA doesnt have the balls to do even that .. haha . Vietnam and japan .. such small countries have beaten the shit out of you chinese !!grass mud horse — be gone chinese monkey

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