Current State of Pakistan : A Discussion

Aadi and I had a live discussion on what’s happening in Pakistan…we realised it was chaos as usual. 


4 responses to “Current State of Pakistan : A Discussion”

  1. Calling the House representative from Houston, Sheila Jackson, a traitor to the United States, for seeking flood relief for those suffering in Pakistan will foster greater hatred in Pakistan towards India. If you dial up tensions to an at war like level even during peace then eventually Pakistan will take irrationally bold actions. And the result is a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India.For what it's worth I think there is at least a 10% chance in this century of a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India.

  2. What greater hatred than what is being exhibited now can Pakistan have? Since 1947, Pakistan has without an iota of hesitancy always spewed venom against India.Enjoy your begging bowl and good luck

  3. As usual, the pakjabis will siphon of any international aid for the floods and leave the non-punjab areas to rot as pakjab is not affected by the floods.

  4. Agree 100%

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