Drought and Decline in China : A Discussion.

Aadi and I had a discussion on the drought that is gripping China and its overall impact. 

Lot of questions on effect on Brahmaputra and what China is doing there. 

those interested may see my article and discussion on P Gurus Channel on Brahmaputra Dams. at links given below.


5 responses to “Drought and Decline in China : A Discussion.”

  1. Perhaps the Brahmaputra catchment areas on the Arunachal side is the reason why China is so hell bent on grabbing it ?

  2. Washington Post: China's summer heat wave is breaking all records — The unprecedented heat wave that has engulfed China this summer has dried up rivers, wilted crops and sparked forest fires.China is experiencing an unprecedented natural disaster. China infrastructure is showing awe inspiring resilience because the disruptions to electricity are minimal considering the scale of the difficulties with hydropower resources.Within the next 5 years due to climate change most of India will experience a heat wave and drought of unprecedented magnitude (much worse than the heatwave this year). There will be diesel inflation, food riots, power outages for days, hospitals depleting all oxygen reserves, and communal fighting between Hindu and Muslim. A natural disaster caused by climate change in China is the last thing India would want to celebrate because it is a glimpse into the future. Anyone with foresight knows what is coming to India within the next several years….

  3. Dec 23, 2021 — According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, China is expected to have 69% of the globe's maize reserves in the first half of crop…Extremely impressive preparation by China. A 70 year drought in half of the country and food inflation in 2022 will likely stay low!

  4. China only wants one thing in AP. The Tawang tract. It is home to a town of the same name with an important Tibetan monastery. The Dalai Lama could reincarnate there.

  5. Possession of Tawang and subsequently having a pet dalai lama is likely a means to an end. The end goal may not be the dalai lama but the possession of these catchment areas. A pet dalai lama eases the path towards that for the Chinese but he would be more useful to them to provide legitimacy to their occupation of Tibet.

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