Leadership in China and Pakistan : A Discussion

 Aadi and I had a freewheeling discussion on the evolving leadership in China and Pakistan and how it affects India. The subject was futuristic and the Q&A session was great. To some extent we were on a fishing trip.  


4 responses to “Leadership in China and Pakistan : A Discussion”

  1. Gen Shankar, thank you for an insighful conversation and pointing to an analytical and detailed converation on the CASA Forum channel. Would appreciate your thoughts on China's “exercises” — what the social media is deriding as “Op Fish Kill” — and if it would quell the anger of the ultra nationalist Chinese who's videos of slapping themselves, you would have no doubt seen. As things stand — economy, the face on the egg with multiple US and now Japanese visits to Taiwan — is Xi's claims to a third term realistic?

  2. In 2019 Russia began helping China develop its early warning nuclear missle system against the US. Cooperation in such a sensitive area shows the degree of trust that has been established between them.

  3. When you suffer Xi Jinping, we will prosper through his Common Prosperity !

  4. Sounds like China is a -white- paper dragon 🙂

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