CASA Webinar : Choppy Seas Around Taiwan

This is a fantastic webinar to watch if you are really interested in understanding the Taiwan Crisis and the reality of PLA live firing drills 

2 responses to “CASA Webinar : Choppy Seas Around Taiwan”

  1. Sir, with increasing automation and the great strides in the sciences of longevity, is a decrease in population really going to be much of an issue ? It is well within the realm of possibility that by 2040 an advanced society may be capable of mass deploying technologies like exo-skeletons which will be great force multipliers at the individual soldier level. A vast and young population may well be a liability as we see in the case of Pakistan. We just cannot afford to allow the technology gap to widen and must constantly be thinking of enhancing the lethal capabilities of our exemplary fighting force at the unit level.

  2. Can we start with selling Brahmos batteries to Taiwan if they are interested ? If we cannot do that for fear of Chinese reaction, despite their proliferation of nuclear and missile technology to Pakistan and fomenting of various insurgencies in the north east, do we really have independence in our policies ?

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