Nancy Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan : China's Muted Response

Brig Chaterrjee and I had a focussed discussion on China’s aggressive but muted response on Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. For all the aggression it displayed before and after the visit, China was totally muted during the visit. 



One response to “Nancy Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan : China's Muted Response”

  1. Chinese propaganda reminded me of Saddam's infamous & empty talk of “Mother of all Wars” which ended up in Iraq's “Elite” revolutionary guards willfully surrendering to US led coalition! 2. Besides that US has put Taiwan in a very perilous situation; especially safety & security of its who's-who in military and political leadership, both within the country and outside.3. With Xi losing face especially in front of his own “Gen-Ys & millennials”, he might actually commit himself for something cynical & sinister to satisfy his hurt ego * redeem his lost pride.4. Xi knows militarily he cant threaten India at least directly, so his modus operandi imminently seems; (a) Creating political unrest via his proxies/modules, and (b) Cyber attacks [As detailed by you in your MDW presentation]I hope Indian political leadership is intently following the developements

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