Discussion on Developments Along The LAC With Mr Sree Iyer

 This live show on P Gurus on the latest situation on the LAC and its co-relationship with China’s internal issues and its flagging economy evoked a lot of questions. Need to keep a finger on the LAC and developments around us. 

6 responses to “Discussion on Developments Along The LAC With Mr Sree Iyer”

  1. Due to the huge difference between the Chinese versus Indian economies ($17.7 trillion versus $3.1 trillion), it really doesn't matter whether the Chinese economy is growing or not. China could go through a depression (20% fall in GDP) like Greece and it will still have substantially more resources to spend on its military and upgrading bridges, airfields, and bunkers in Eastern Ladakh. It's very simple arithmetic.

  2. Arithmetically correct but Logically wrong as Chinese economy, which is essentially manufacturing driven is now moving out fast! With most of its lead banks already declaring insolvent, China's myth(s) of financial/military invincibility has/have already been shattered! And so far as revamping its military infrastructure across Himalayas is concerned, one can only wonder at China's foolhardy attitude of ignoring multiple reports on heightened trans Himalayan seismic ground motion!

  3. This discussion needs rigor or else it is nothing more than wishful tihinking. How fast is China losing its manufacturing? China had merchandise exports of $3.36 trillion in 2021. What do you expect it to be in 2022?

  4. Sinophile? Or Chinese? One and the same. The rigor is in china’s contraction!

  5. Any military officer should know: know yourself and know your adversary. The focus on Chinese economic problems this year when they are so far ahead of India is an attempt to not face reality. The general is not able to process the hard reality that India relative to China is poor and weak in capabilities.

  6. Reality stings!

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